Our Brand New Ceiling Calculator

An update for our website has surfaced this week as we have introduced a brand new feature; a ceiling calculator.  What this does is presents customers with a list of parts needed to put a suspended ceiling in the dimensions they have given. The process is easy to use and effective as it gives a good idea of requirements every time from the material and dimensions you have included.

The reason that this web application is useful for many companies as it saves them from having to figure out the components needed themselves and gives them a good idea of the supplies needed to construct a successful suspended ceiling.However, all ceiling space is different so it just gives a general idea of the materials needed. If you want a more detailed analysis of the materials needed for your suspended ceiling contact us and will answer your questions. So go and try out our new ceiling calculator and tell us what you think. This feature will undergo regular updates to ensure that the feature has the best usability and making it more customer friendly.