Suspended Ceilings: The Atmosphere Created

Suspended ceilings enable the opportunity for innovative design and technological consolidation. They have a key part in finishing off interior spaces provide an additional value my incorporating comfort by the means of acoustics, professional finishes and a range of integrated methods to the overall design requirement. These ceiling instalments allow for a versatile design that is both flexible and adaptable. This concept of an open space allows for air circulation, the arrangement of sprinklers, graceful light fixtures and an altogether tasteful design.

It can also enable a “plenum” of air, where the vacuum configures a pressurised duct to provide air or extract it from whatever area it is needed. Executive finishes can really develop the aesthetics of a space. Wood, faux wood and printed wood all add a warmness to a room with a variety of prices for each. Metal finishes showcase accuracy and subtlety. Finally including splashes of paint and making it a certain colour may be used to make a point. Overall the development of suspended ceilings and the instalments that are upcoming create not only a space that is aesthetically pleasing but also a comfortable environment with a good atmosphere.