The latest project of Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

Armstrong are the leading company as a ceiling tile manufacturer. The reason for this being their development in the innovative designs they incorporate in all of their projects. As you can see I have picked out one of their latest projects; The FELTWORKS Blades Classroom in the United States. Because of the name this ceiling has been constructed of custom made FELTWORKS blades. They are rectangular panels with 8 inch blade spacing.

The product shown here is one of many that can be personalised for the use of your company.These Blades come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to create the ceiling solutions that best fits your needs. For example this room has a professional design to allow for the best working space that a classroom can provide. This is one of the more recent examples of a FELTWORKS Blade drop ceiling, as they have had a variety of projects and requirements that have used this product. This shows how different ceiling solutions can meet the wants of any company to create the atmosphere they’re looking for.